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Another day, another dawn

Sat 18 Aug 2012 02:04:34 PM UTC

I started working for Booking.com two weeks ago now. These last two months have been probably the most chaotic and hectic in a long time from what I remember in my life. I left New York City, chilled out in Mexico City for several weeks and then finally relocated to beautiful Amsterdam. The decision of leaving New York was not simple, but I decided to take on new challenges, one cycle had ended for me and it was time for me to move on.

The change has not been easy, but it hasn’t been bad at all. I knew that coming from a very mutating startup in New York City into a company with presence in dozens of countries and several thousand employees was not gonna be a simple change. I decided to proceed with this because I want to learn. I want to learn how other businesses use technology, specially the kind that I’m most interested on, to become successful. I want to understand how they operate. I want to help a company succeed, take on new technology lessons and learn from more experienced peers. Thankfully, I’m not financially burdened and I’m able to make this decision myself without affecting (too much) others. I wanted the adventure (again) of relocating to a new country and making it to a company that has been successful for so many years, hugely based in Perl, who has contributed boldly to its community, with so many great Perl developers in the mix, etc., just made it all worth it.

Being a new guy is never easy, and I haven’t really been one of those often. I wish I knew how a lot of things work already, so I was able to contribute faster. At the end, this is all about a business and it’s about what developers and engineers do to contribute, to give back, to produce something that ends up as revenue and profit, and I want to do just that. Benefits and perks are always nice, but what I really want is prove to myself and to those who hired me the kind of competent talent that I am.

If you can understand Spanish, this video explains it better.

Oh and yeah, I turned 28 during my first week of work here in the Netherlands and was lucky enough to have a very happy one with plenty of hopes and goals.


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