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Geo::PostalCode::NoDB 0.01

Wed 21 Mar 2012 11:19:17 AM UTC

Geo::PostalCode is a great Perl module. It lets you find surrounding postal areas (zip codes) around a given an amount of miles (radius), calculate distance between them, among other nice features. Sadly, I couldn’t get it to work with updated data and because the file its Berkely DB installer was producing was not being recognized by its parser, which bases off on DB_File. Since I was able to find working data for the source of zip codes, I ended up hacking the module and producing a version with no Berkeley DB support.

So basically, and taken from the POD:

RATIONALE BEHIND NO BERKELEY DB On a busy day at work, I couldn’t get Geo::PostalCode to work with newer data (the data source TJMATHER points to is no longer available), so the tests shipped with his module pass, but trying to use real data no longer seems to work. DB_File marked the Geo::PostalCode::InstallDB output file as invalid type or format. If you don’t run into that issue by not wanting to use this module, please drop me a note! I would love to learn how other people made it work.

So, in order to get my shit done, I decided to create this module. Loading the whole data into memory from the class constructor has been proven to be enough for massive usage (citation needed) on a Dancer application where this module is instantiated only once.

$ sudo cpanm Geo::PostalCode::NoDB now!

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