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GitHub (and open source) on LinkedIn

Tue 08 Mar 2011 12:07:34 PM UTC

I am a huge fan of LinkedIn, I love it. Handled properly, it can allow you to establish great opportunities that eventually lead up to either work or paid gigs and we all know how good money is, right? I have spent time for the last couple of weeks making sure my own LinkedIn profile is complete, fully up-to-date and that I’m taking full advantage of all the features that the site has to offer, and even though I’m not actively looking for a job it’s always nice to get contacted by other developers or directors (heck, even recruiters) inviting you to consider other job opportunities. In my own personal space, it makes me more confident that I can still be of great value to other enterprises. It’s like feeling you could date again, if you wanted to.

Last night, they announced that they had enabled GitHub as an application on users profiles. This is great for developers. I think that LinkedIn still needs to implement ways for users to track their not-so-formal activities and this is kind of a big step, to some extent.

For instance, I’d like to list some projects that I’ve worked with on which I wasn’t fully employed with but hired me as a contractor for a few hours. They need to implement some sort of portfolio for the side business you perform.

After all, a LinkedIn profile is based on the professional work you do, not entirely on the commits you do into a forked or your never-ending project. There’s still the question on how you can show off additional open source experience that is not in the form of commits on a GitHub repo, for instance, how to display the work you do on a project that doesn’t have a Git repository, and use something else; or maybe the translation work you’ve done for years; or the documentation you’ve contributed here and there. But then again, if you’re depending on LinkedIn to show off your open source expertise, you’re probably not using the right tool. While I applaud the GitHub integration on LinkedIn, I do think it still lacks more work to cover more open source contributions which can take up to significant amounts of time on a developers expertise skills set.

Go add the GitHub application to your LinkedIn profile here.

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