DebConf 10

Posted on Thu Aug 12, 2010

I was in New York for three full weeks, before, during and after DebConf 10 took place. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend talks or go hang out with folks as much as I would’ve wanted. Most of the time I was busy at the office with a new product launch we have been preparing for the last few months. However, I was able to come and say hi to a few people, attend the C&W party and talk with friends and ran into. I was, however, following all conversations on IRC so I was pretty informed of all of what was going on. Some random thoughts:

  • Being surrounded by so many amazing Debian people made me realize how much I’ve been apart from the project. My involvement decreased pretty much since I moved to New York. But because of that, I’m now slowly retaking my activity, trying to work on actual things that I use on my daily work instead of just packaging tons of shit that nobody really cared about.
  • DebConf is pretty awesome. After attending six out of the last seven Debian conferences, you get to establish a nice connection with people and they become your friends. This year, even if I only came a couple of nights, I made stronger friendships, and for that I’m thankful. It is only within Debian that this human part of bonding really takes place.
  • I really regret missing a couple of events: First, the Day trip to Coney Island and the Cyclones game; and the group photo. Both because of work, yes.
  • It was interesting to hear the thoughts from one of the Bosnian attendees about next year’s DebConf there. I’m really sorry I can’t recall his name, but it shocked a bit that he stated that they might try to find better speakers next year, because a lot of them “sucked a lot” here. All I can say is that, even though everybody’s opinions are valid, this might come from an outsider, not used to Debian conferences. Where are you going to find better speakers? Us developers are the only speakers out there, good or bad, we are the ones making the conferences by and for.
  • I like Zach’s attitude as DPL, even when I introduced him to a very nice friend of mine that came to the party to hang out.

DebConf 10 rocked and I appreciate everybody’s participation in it. See you in Banja Luka, next year!

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