Debian on Twitter

Posted on Sun Mar 22, 2009

Or… for those who care about Twitter and Debian :)

We’ve setup a Twitter account for the project to use on Twitter. Go follow it, go now!

Now, the interesting part about this is that any Debian developer with a GPG key on the Debian keyring can tweet to it. You basically only have to do something like this:

$ echo "Squeeze is scheduled for Winter 2014" | gpg --clearsign | lwp-request -m POST

…or, what it’s the same, just send a clearsigned POST data to If the data is signed by a Debian developer, it’ll go through and post it. The Debian uid is appended on the tweet, as found on Debian’s LDAP DB, so if joetheplumber@d.o is the one posting, it’ll be posted with “(via joetheplumber)” on it.

If you are more interested about this, you can go to (dead link now) where you will find deeper information and details about this service.

I encourage you, Debian user and advocate, to start following the @debianproject account; and I encourage you, Debian developer, to communicate with our users and advocates by using and posting to this service.

More news to follow soon.

UPDATE: Support for has been added and now both Twitter and accounts are updated at once and sync’ed.

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