Re: On DebGem

Posted on Thu Jan 08, 2009

Wouter, I find your thinking on DebGem a bit overreacted. I think you are taking the product and commercial efforts that a company make as the proposed solution we’ve all been expecting for a similar problem, which is not. You are considering DebGem to be an outcome provided by the Ruby community, which is not, to this issue.

Phusion is obviously not the Ruby community, but part of it. How I see it, it’s great: I applaud that more companies take a look at nice technologies and try to provide their own products. Since I do most of my work with both technologies (and others), Debian and Ruby, I find DebGem worth giving it a try, and if it solves the installation problems of some gems on different systems for me, my employer and the systems I maintain, why not pay for it. However that’s all you can expect it to do, solve your gem installation problems and that’s it, they are not proposing to change how gems are done or how Ruby libraries are implemented as packages in Debian, they are just a bridge, a shortcut, nothing else, nothing more. And if that bridge works and is well built and maintained, hurrah!

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