New York BSP personal to-do list

Posted on Wed Oct 01, 2008

So, as it was previously announced (and recently re-invited by Micah), this weekend is the debiannyc BSP. This makes me think on my lack of involvement on the technical part of Debian (I’m still socially involved with friends and groups) for the last couple of months. So, for the sake of encouraging others to join us on Saturday if you in the city (or the tri-state area, or beyond!), here it is, my personal list of tasks I’m willing to work on:

  • Retake/rewrite the tools and scripts I used to mess WNPP with.
  • Check what other things are missing to improve WNPP.
  • Deal with some of the bugs wearing my listmaster hat.
  • Install Debian on a Vortex86 machine I’ve been having around for the last couple of months.
  • Dive into Ruby and Perl RC bugs and try to squash some of them (after all, this is a BSP, and RC bugs is the primary target!).
  • Encouraging Raquel to take a look at some of the previous re-design proposals and try to come up with something useful out of it.
  • Have lots of beer while doing all of above.

See you at Vireo!

UPDATE: The BSP was a lot of fun. Striking now the things I actually did from my list.

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