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My birthday

Sun 08 Aug 2004 02:25:18 PM UTC

Well, today was my 20th birthday. It was pretty nice all the weekend.

On Friday 6th, some friends, my lady and I went to Xochimilco's [*trajineras*](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xochimilco#Trajineras). For my surprise, it was the birthday of some other guy, so he had priority on partying about birthdays ;-)

Yesterday, we were planning to go to a cantina which we used to go often in the past, Cantina La México. So, I invited some friends. We arrived there and it was empty. A couple of persons inside the bar, so it was awful. So, Joss (a friend) and his girl friends proposed to go to some other place. So we went to Ihú (not very sure if it is some kind of discotheque or so), but we were there all night long.

And today, my official birthday my parents, sister and I went to eat together. Then, we went back to home, and spent the noon watching TV.

I think it was pretty cool. Tomorrow it starts the next semester at school. I should go to sleep and have rest… or not. ;-)

Thanks to all of you who said «Congratulations» to me today: You really know who you are and I really appreciate you all.

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